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Richard Cross Flattie Electro Soprano Ukulele in gigbag #5009

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Here we have a lovely Flattie electro soprano ukulele model from Richard Cross. With a body depth of only 25mm, this is so easy to hold and such fun to play. However, it is not just a cute little toy - it has some serious design flourishes, and very good build quality on display.

The Wittner fine tune pegs are a thing of wonder - you will never get such precision from any other machine head. Superbly precise, smooth and tactile, I love them.

The headstock on these new Richard Cross Flattie ukuleles are quite the most beautiful I have seen. It does mean that the position of the machine heads is transposed - so the G is where the A would be and vice versa, and the E is where the C would be, and vice versa. It only took me a minute to get my head around it, but it is totally worth getting your head around it too, for the sake of that beautiful headstock and those wonderful tuners working in tandem.

You do have the option of plugging this uke into an amplifier should you want to. This one is fitted internally with a transducer pickup soldered to a jack socket, which with careful setting up sounds very good indeed. Don't set the gain on your amp too high, and do not stand too close to your amp, as transducers can feed back in these circumstances. Lower gain, higher master volume, and some EQing to suit will give you very good results.

In short, a very special, unique soprano ukulele which will certainly put a big smile on your face.

Solid mahogany top, back and sides
Rosewood fretboard and bridge
25mm body depth
Mahogany neck
Wittner 8.5:1 fine tune ukulele tuning pegs
Transducer pickup fitted
346mm scale length
36mm nut width with 28mm G to A string spacing
Phenolic resin nut and saddle
D'Addario nyltech high G strings
Matte finish
Madarozzo gigbag (unpadded) included

The Wittner fine tune pegs must be handled carefully if they are being removed or replaced. Do not pull them by the peg button! Simply tap the peg out from the shaft end with a composite hammer to remove them - not that we think you'll want to!

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