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Millar Custom CO-300 Solid Cypress/Ovangkol Baritone Ukulele

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We have been pushing and bothering Millar to produce a baritone since day one! There is something about Millar's traditional ukulele style that we knew would lend itself to the biggest size of ukulele well. The results really impressed us!

This Millar custom CO-300 baritone ukulele is boomy (in a good way), expressive and emotive under the fingers. It's like a classical guitar when you hit it just right with your fingernail and like the oldest of mahogany Martin baritones when you plays softly with the pad of your fingers or thumb.

Cypress is a unique wood, similar in tonal quality to a soft wood like cedar, with similar volume but perhaps slightly more dark undertones at the forefront of its sound. If cedar is milk chocolate for the ears then this is a bolder 85% dark chocolate... it's the harder coffee of ukulele tonewoods which is only accentuated by the baritones lower pitch tuning.

We requested ovangkol for the back and sides after we fell in love with our 2022 Millar custom Phil-T model. Walnut/ovangkol just loves to be played hard, it looks the part with a wide and dynamic tonal range. The slightly reduced 20.07'' scale length gives the instrument more of a snappy attack to each note - paired with our custom D'Addario bronze/black nylon strings you get a uke that can handle high tension strings but with less tension under your fingers.

This is one of only 2 baritones produced by Millar. You won't see these in common circulation and it is built by a single luthier in the Millar factory in Taiwan. The wider nut is perfect for a player who likes lots of space too. The ukulele does also come with a bag but to be honest, it's not an especially special padded bag and I heartily recommend getting a good bag or hard case with this ukulele instead.

Solid yellow cypress
Solid ovangkol back and sides
39mm nut width (30mm string spacing at nut)
20.07'' scale length
Abalone fret dots
Front rosewood binding
Mahogany neck
Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge
Tie on bridge
Bone nut and saddle
Ovangkol rosette
Black Millar geared machineheads
Gigbag included

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