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Enya Nova U Mini Black Polycarbonate/Carbon Fiber Soprano Ukulele with accessories

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We are finally able to offer you all these highly anticipated Enya Nova U mini soprano ukuleles. This stunning and different soprano uke is going to fly off our shelves, we're sure! 

The thinline body of the new mini Nova U models are made with a blend of polycarbonate and carbon fibre. They're super lightweight and any weirdness you feel when you pick one up for the first time quickly disappears. Plus, the satin finish on a synthetic body is a really nice extra touch.

The presentation of the Enya Nova U ukulele range is seriously good. The tuner buttons match the body, the fret dots (start shaped) match the body, the bridge is the same material as the body and also colour matched and the hardware and matching strap buttons feel very good quality. Even the gigbag matches, although it doesn't do much in the way of protection.

The cutaway is really well designed too which a bevel going into the back of the body - this allows real access to the upper frets! The neck profile is similar to the brands we already know and love at this price but with a slight radius which aids many people playing barre chords. It sounds surprisingly good, with colourful undertones and some nice dark sustain on the bass. However, because it's polycarbonate, it does sound very bright. The plastic nature of the fingerboard does reflect slightly in the tone.

All things considered, this is a very good little uke. It would make for an excellent present and is a great addition to any ukulele collection. Listing shows a typical example - some will have 'Enya' written on the headstock and some 'Nova U'.

Please note: you will pay us slightly more for your Enya Nova U ukulele than if you bought from Amazon. When you buy from us, you know you're getting a professional set up and quality check on your new uke. We know that's worth a few extra quid! 

Soprano size
30% carbon fiber and 70% polycarbonate body, neck and bridge
Satin finish
Lightweight design
Gold hardware with colour matching
Radius fingerboard
35mm nut width
Clear fluorocarbon high G strings
Clamshell gigbag, capo, strap and spare strings included

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