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Enya EUC-M6 All Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele w/Deluxe Gigbag

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'Wow!' was the collective cry from the Southern Ukulele Store faithful the first time I removed the Enya EUC-M6 concert ukulele from the bag.

It had a little bit of everything about it in all the best ways - Rob and I both said in unison 'It reminds me of the Naturel', which is the biggest compliment you can give really. The Naturel ukulele we had after NAMM this year was 10 times the price of this but stylistically the two ukuleles do have much in common.

Enya have been a force of nature in the ukulele world the past few years and as they transition away from being 'another Amazon brand' and appear instead at specialist ukulele retailers like us; we can't wait to see just what all the fuss is about... Can the Enyas really be as good as influencers on social media and your favourite YouTubers would have you believe?

Well the answer to that in this particular case is yes it is that good. It looks the part with its sleek black stained mahogany and high gloss finish, quirky 4 machineheads a side headstock and the decorative fingerboard inlays but it actually sounds great too.

The mahogany sound is actually rather an unusual pairing for the ultra modern looks as the ukulele has a naturally traditional, warmer, calmer sound. The high gloss finish does give it a little bit of snap though when you strum so you get this hybrid sound of almost percussive strumming with a softer long sustain.

This Enya concert ukulele also comes in a gorgeous padded gigbag that separately would no doubt set you back between £20-30.

I must confess that some of Enya's ultra whacky looking ukuleles had previously put us off the brand. The EUC-M6 is the 4th model we have received in a row from Enya that has exceeded our expectations and there really is no doubt that these ukuleles represent excellent value for money compared to many of the competitors ukuleles of a similar specification.

Pictures show typical example. Get in touch for pictures of our current stock. 

Solid Mahogany top, back and sides
Richlite fretboard, with Radius
36mm nut width
4 in line style headstock
Gold/amber geared machineheads
High gloss finish
Mahogany neck
Deluxe padded gigbag
Fluorocarbon high G strings

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