Ohana CK35G-5 All Solid Mahogany 5 string Concert Ukulele Gloss

Ohana CK35G-5 All Solid Mahogany 5 string Concert Ukulele Gloss
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The Ohana 35 series of all solid mahogany ukuleles has become one of our best selling and most popular ranges. In recent years the finishing at the factory has become much better, so for the money it is hard to find a better instrument than a solid Mahogany Ohana!

This is the Concert 5 string model, which boasts a high and a low G string together on a single course. So, you play it just like a 5 string, with the same chord shapes, but you have the benefit of the sound of both the high and low g which gives you a really lovely thick texture.

Some players have developed the skill to individually pick the High and Low G strings, so you can make very intricate and complex picking patterns. Or, you can strum and make your friends jealous of the lovely full sound you are making!


Solid Mahogany top, back and sides
Gloss finish
Double course of High and Low G strings
Aquila Super Nylgut strings
Rosewood binding, fingerboard and bridge
Geared machine heads

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