Kiwaya KTS-4 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele made in Japan

Kiwaya KTS-4 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele made in Japan
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Kiwaya Ukuleles and Mahogany Sopranos are one of the truly great winning combinations. Kiwaya have cultivated a following over many decades for producing vintage style Mahogany and Koa instruments that reproduce and often exceed the early 20's Martin Ukuleles they are based on. Whether it is the KTS-4 (Martin Style 1) or the KTS-7 (Martin Style 3) - these Japanese produced small Ukuleles are at the very top of the class. The KTS-4 is the model that built Kiwaya's reputation and made them a strong top-tier Ukulele brand worldwide and all these years later, the instrument still exceeds our expectations every time a new delivery arrives. The recent (2017) addition of Gotoh Planetary tuners and a switch to more precise clear Fluorocarbon strings shows that Kiwaya are willing to move forward with technology in an effort to produce the best traditional instrument they can.


Solid Mahogany body 
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Gotoh planetary geared tuners
Bone nut and saddle
12 frets
Made in Japan
Matte finish

Nut width 36mm

Clear Fluorocarbon strings

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