Ohana Pequeno All Solid Mahogany Sopranino Ukulele

Ohana Pequeno All Solid Mahogany Sopranino Ukulele
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Wow, we love this Ohana pequeno ukulele! It's surprisingly loud for such a small and compact little body. No doubt owing to its all solid mahogany construction and bone fixtures and fittings, this little beauty could fill any size room with sweet music. And it's never shrill, like some very short scale ukuleles, but always nice and balanced.

As with the SK28 Nunes, this uke is a real blast from the past! With a very narrow waist, and pronounced shoulders, this model recalls the old Dias designed "Nunes" style soprano ukulele. It's complete with authentic looking rope binding and fretboard decoration. The fretboard is completely flush with the body, another feature of historic soprano ukuleles - this leaves more of the top to vibrate, helping to shape the tone of the instrument.

All solid mahogany around the body ensures that the tone is very smooth, with plenty of presence across the frequency range. However, the sound is perhaps slightly accented towards the brighter end of the spectrum. It sounds lovely strummed and picked, and has very nice light and shade in the sound despite its smaller size.

Ohana pequeno ukulele specification:
Sopranino size
All solid mahogany body
Rope binding and soundhole rosette
"Nunes" body styling
Ovangkol fretboard & bridge
Quality friction pegs
34mm nut width
Bone nut and saddle
Aquila strings

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