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Kiwaya TRIP-02 Mahogany Mini Pineapple Soprano Ukulele w/Gigbag

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Kiwaya have been the beacon of quality at the high end of the ukulele world for as long as anyone can remember... It's only in recent years that they have turned their hand to affordable beginners and student instruments. The student series is noteworthy because the laminate mahogany ukes we have seen so far have redefined popular opinion on what to expect from a laminate... They simply sound wonderful and feel very good for the price.

Step into 2021 and for the first time Kiwaya have embraced the sopranino and sopranissimo scale length ukuleles popularised in recent years by Ohana. The KIW-U-TRI-02 is a mini pineapple soprano (11.41 inch scale) which is two inches smaller than your average soprano and the overall length is about 15% smaller. We have been impressed with this uke and I can see it being an essential backpack accessory for travellers for many years to come.

Fluorocarbon is used for the standard strings, and it is also recommended for beginners because it features a powerful and loud sound.

Baby size (290mm scale)
Body: Mahogany laminate
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Black walnut
12 Fret joint to body
Bridge: Black walnut
Saddle and nut: Bone
peg: Geared tuning pegs
Fluorocarbon strings, high G
Gigbag included
Total length: Approximately 480 mm
Nut width: 35 mm

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