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Risa Electric Solid Soprano Ukulele with gig bag

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This little electric Risa soprano ukulele must be the worlds most portable and durable gigging soprano instrument. Made in Europe from solid maple, it is a very simple instrument. It has a passive under saddle piezo pickup connected to a jack socket, with no tone or volume controls. The sound is very clean, bright and strong and lends itself very well to any kind of gigging scenario.

This is the new model with the planetary geared tuners, so you will find the tuning stability and precision is much better than the previous model. The build quality is fabulous, with an absolute minimum of moving parts to go wrong!

Cleverly, the strap from the gigbag doubles as the strap for the ukulele, so there is no need to carry another strap with you. 

Comes strung with D'Addario Nyltech High G strings. Total body length: 46.5cms

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