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Flight Sophia Soundwave Electro Acoustic Solid Spruce top and Walnut Concert Ukulele w/Gigbag

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The Flight Sophia is one that really caught our attention from afar this past year... There is no shortage of solid cedar and spruce top concert ukuleles at this price on the market but there is something just especially pleasing about the Flight tenor ukuleles.

It looks the part and seemingly has all of your favourite features from the popular Snail and Kala models at this price but with it's own added twists. The Spruce top and gloss finish give this ukulele a very confident and clean sound with a bit less attack than it's sister model the Diana and just a tad more warmth. The dark laminate walnut back and sides really play their part too making the ukulele look great alongside that unstained padauk binding.

The slotted headstock and gold hardware are another worthwhile addition to the Sophia giving the whole thing a slightly regal appearance which I suppose was the point. I may be wrong but being part of the Princess series and being named Sophia you have to assume that Flight themselves thing this ukulele is fit for royalty?

The icing on the cake is that this ukulele comes with a much loved and sought after Soundwave pickup. The Sounwave pickup which is produced by Double pickups is a lightweight internal speaker that enables the player to play amplified without an amplifier - this system includes several onboard effects - Reverb, Delay and Chorus. It's just excellent!

The Soundwaves models come with a USB charging lead that will take approximately 5 hours to charge fully.


Solid Spruce top
Laminate stained walnut back and sides
Bone nut and saddle
Soundwave internal speaker, pickup and preamp (integral rechargeable capacitor, chargeable by USB cable provided)
Slotted headstock
Deluxe gold geared machineheads
Padauk front and back binding
35mm nut width
Worth Brown strings high G GCEA
Abalone rosette
Gigbag included

Note: The Flight Ukuleles are a fantastic choice at this particular price point because they often offer extra features and striking wood that defy the expectations of this price. However, they do suffer from cosmetic flaws and small finish defects like other Chinese made production instruments. We do our best to capture major issues but you may find some small imperfections on close inspection that cannot be avoided.

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