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Righton Straps Plait Woody Deluxe Bovine Leather Strap

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A Ukulele strap doesn't have to be plain and boring. Sometimes can be stunning and elaborated. That is the case of this Plait mandolin and ukulele strap.

This Plait Woody strap is made of an amazing high quality bovine leather, plaited around the strap and smooth in the end tabs.
It's the perfect accessory  for your mandolin or ukulele, with 1.5cm width it's very comfortable and light. And has an adjustable length from 83cm to 130cm, you can choose the size that fits you better.

This mandolin strap has a classical and vintage look, and in brown colour, that mix with almost all instruments! You can replace them but we're sure that you'll never replace the Plait strap.

Made in Spain by people that love Straps!

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