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Pete Howlett Solid Makore Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele Legacy Series #83517

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This is our first venture into Makore with Pete Howlett but it is such an intriguing looking and sounding wood that you have to wonder how hasn't been commonly used in instrument building for a number of years. Pete has produced a number of these in 2016 using his own supply of this African wood dating back nearly 30 years.. Maybe that's part of what makes it sound so good?

This Makore Tenor was built with all the same care and attention as the Legacy series instruments and its story is equally as interesting; Pete built this instrument whilst demonstrating the building process on one of his building workshops. I don't know about you but I find something quite romantic about an instrument being the example by which another series of builds were based on?

The figuring in the top, back and sides of this Ukulele is gorgeous. The wood looks a little bit like Sapele but the splashed shimmer effect makes me think I am viewing the instrument under water each time!

Tonally, this Ukulele has what I can only describe as good Juju. The Ukulele sings like it has the blues and although a little bit quieter than say the Cherry or Korina Ukuleles we received at the same time - This Uke has a warm Mahogany like sound to it and would suit the kind of player that likes the Martin IZ Mahogany Tenor. A great Rhythm instrument.
Also for the first time this range of Howletts feature Ziegenspeck Single Transducer pickups which whilst admittedly not offering the wide range of sounds and depth an active system like a MiSi would; give off a fantastic plugged in sound for the player that plugs in occasionally.

Solid Splash Figured Gabon Makore Top, Back and Sides
Neck: Khaya Ivorensis
Fretboard and Bridge: Tasmanian Blackwood
Nut and Saddle: Corian
Der Jung Tuners
Ziegenspeck Pickup
Wooden strap button fitted
65mm deep body
434mm scale length
36mm Nut width
10mm spacing at nut 40mm spacing at bridge
Matt Cellulose Finish
Fitted with Worth BT High G strings.
SUS Fibreglass case in white included

Video below is of a sister Makore instrument, not the exact one you will receive but it gives you an idea of the beauty of the sound.

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