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Ohana TTPK-70G All Solid Spruce/Mahogany Pineapple Sopranissimo Ukulele w/Abalone inlays

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This new little lovely from Ohana is cracking value, an affordable striking pineapple sopranissimo ukulele delivered free to mainland UK (highlands and islands extra). We'll set it up so that it arrives to you with the intonation as good as it can be and the action nice and low - the intonation will never be perfect on any such short scale ukulele, just to be warned!

The nut width of 34mm feels nice in the hand too - I have fat fingers, and I can play along quite nicely without splitting too many notes.

They work well in standard GCEA, and it sounds bright and bubbly - but if you tune it a little higher to Bb Eb G C it comes a little more alive with more volume and projection. So you can satisfactorily tune it to play along with your uke group, then tune it higher if you want to play solo with a crazy right hand!

This one in in the pineapple shape and features solid mahogany top, back and sides. On the scale of things - this sopranissimo ukulele has a bit more punch and a fuller bodied sound than the O'Nino also in solid mahogany, which has a slightly brighter sound with more ping to the treble.

What sets the TTPK-70G apart from the pack is the addition of a spruce top that adds a bit more volume and attack to the sound as well as the very deluxe abalone inlays throughout the body and in the headstock. Gorgeous with some very practical choices in tonewood.

Fits nicely into the Ohana UB-19 gigbag, or UCP-17 hard case.

Sopranissimo size - 280 mm scale length
34mm nut width
444mm total length
Solid spruce top
Solid mahogany back and sides
Mahogany neck
Abalone inlay on body and headstock
Ovangkol fingerboard bridge
Aquila strings
Open geared tuners
Bone nut and saddle

There is a massive trend towards very short scale ukuleles at the moment, with makers like John Daniel with his Pixies to the fore. They are some of the best fun you can have clothed.

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