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Ohana TK85 Tenor Ukulele Solid Port Orford Cedar Top, Myrtle b&s

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A thousand times wow! Very nicely decorated, with a gloss finish and beautiful rope binding, this model has sound to match its filmstar looks. The Port Orford cedar is a very interesting wood which has been used for centuries for making arrows, as it has a very high strength to weight ratio, and a really tight, straight grain. What this means in terms of sound is a great deal of volume and projection, but also a very rounded and interesting sound which highlights the very pretty harmonics that the uke makes. 

The solid myrtle back and sides really help to focus the sound and refine it further. Playing it is a joy, and it turns its hand to many different styles of music - picking sounds crisp and clear, and strumming, even at high intensity, sounds clear, unmuddied and very loud when required!

Solid Port Orford Cedar top
Solid Myrtle back and sides
Aquila strings
Rosewood Fretboard
Rosewood Bridge
Rope binding
Mahogany binding
Premium geared tuners
Tenor Uke Accessories

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