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Ohana CK85 Concert Ukulele Solid Port Orford Cedar Top, Myrtle b&s

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This model differs from the CK80 because it has Port Orford Cedar on the top. Now, we love finding out about different woods and their histories as much as we do about their tonal properties for instrument making. Port Orford Cedar is actually part of the Cypress family, and was the choice of fletchers for making arrows, because it has a very tight and straight grain, and a very high strength to weight ratio.

Like the CK80, this instrument has a very interesting sound, with beautiful harmonics flashing through the sound and a very well rounded tone. It has a slightly deeper, darker tone than the CK80 but it shares the projection, volume and beauty in the sound.

In the hand, this is a very easy instrument to hold and to play. The neck feels great (Ohanas generally do!) and the body is nice and balanced. A joy all round!

Solid Port Orford Cedar top
Solid Pacific Myrtle back and sides
Aquila strings
Rosewood Fretboard
Rosewood Bridge
Rope binding
Mahogany binding
Premium geared tuners
Concert Uke Accessories

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