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Nineboys 3 String Wedge Lap Steel Guitar

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The Nineboys 3 String Wedge is a three string version of Nineboy's popular 1 String Wedge Diddley Bow. (also available on our site)

Blues and Roots music has a storied history of musicians using discarded and reclaimed materials to build functional instruments. Although they were usually built with children in mind in the poorer African American communities in Southern America - there is something rustic and mature about the sound these instruments produce. 

Nineboys have taken the best parts of these designs and come up with the Wedge. An approachable and comfortable instrument to play. Most importantly they've put a handy fret-board marker on the body to help find your way. The wedge also has a volume control.

The Wedge is a great gift for a Guitarist/Ukulele player that is looking for a new avenue with which to create music. Some of the best musicians in the world have spent more than their fair share of time on the Diddley Bo and now you can too.


Tuning: Whatever you like but we like GCG
Special Features: The 'blues scale' is indicated within the 'fret' markings
Circuitry Type: 1 x volume
Pickup Type: Alnico Humbucking pickup

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