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NEW IMPROVED SUS Baritone Ukulele Lightweight Hard Pod Case

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Here are the new and improved SUS baritone ukulele pod cases! They're stronger and lighter than the old ones, with much stronger straps, zips and zip pulls, bigger internal pockets, and cheaper to boot!

This case is not suitable for ubasses as the machine heads will not fit at the headstock end. If you want a case for your uBass, the only option is the Stagg HGB2UK Baritone Pod case.

Pod cases remain the most popular option for most players owing to their storage capacity and the protection they offer your uke whilst no breaking your back. This new improved design not only will look after your instrument better but last longer as well.

Although a little tighter around the headstock than the old style cases, leading brands such as Kala, Ohana, Brunswick, Islander, Uluru and Pono ukes among many others fit nicely. Depending on the size of your baritone ukulele you may find that padding the case with a cloth may help it sit more comfortably.

The lining is black velvet, and there is a bit of give in the padding of the case so if your uke is a little bit larger than the dimensions below, you can probably squeeze it in without difficulty and the case will shape itself to your instrument. If in doubt please contact us for guidance before purchase.

Internal dimensions:
Body length: 38cm
Bottom bout: 28cm
Depth: 10cm

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