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MiSi Acoustic Trio Air Uke - End Pin Socket Condenser Microphone and Undersaddle Piezo for Ukulele

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Those that have tried the MiSi Acoustic Trio Uke Pickup system will be able to confirm that MiSi were already the market leaders for making your Ukulele sound its very best. Truly innovative features include being able to charge the pickup system using a mains adapter that plugged into the end pin socket via jack lead.. The only thing we would occasionally hear from customers was 'it isn't ever going to sound as good as a microphone'.

Well in some way that is true and MiSi have obviously heard this as well. Way back at the 2016 NAMM show MiSi Introduced the 'Air' pickup. This Ukulele attenuated microphone sits at the end of an end pin jack socket and perfectly captures the acoustic sound of your Ukulele. The only problem with it was the high sensitivity that made it largely unsuitable for gigging and more of a studio tool. Fast forward 3 years and MiSI have reworked this fantastic design into the new Air Trio system. The Air Trio uses a dual capacitor system and offers a unique two wheel blend system meaning you can have as much or as little of the undersaddle piezo or microphone as you wish.
If you are a solo performer or recording musician - this product will offer a new kind of tonal option and for some may eliminate the need for condenser Microphones on stage on mic stands and allow you to just plug in and play for upto 8 hours without needing to recharge the system at the mains (even then the charge only takes about 90 seconds). 

Having tested it - large ensemble players, heavy handed strummers or players playing at extremely high volumes should still go for the Acoustic Trio Piezo system.

Alex recently spent two weeks using this pickup in a variety of different situations and we urge anybody considering buying this pickup to read our blog post below before making a final decision on whether to go for the MiSi Air Trio or the Acoustic Trio system. Don't hesitate to have a chat with either Rob, Phil or Alex on the phone about this as well on 01202 430820.
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