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Millar Custom Solid Englemann Spruce/Figured Hawaiian Koa Longneck Soprano Ukulele

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These custom long neck soprano Millar ukuleles are outstanding... The first time we saw a Millar ukulele, we were genuinely confused as to how it could be priced as affordably as it was. The standard series of ukuleles using Taiwanese woods or popular tonewoods have been revolutionary! It has forced long time ukulele industry leaders to take notice and work harder to produce a better instrument... Some Millar models are priced about 60% cheaper than they should be but how is this possible?

This is achieved because Millar ukuleles is actually a small team of one primary builder and his family in a small workshop. It begs the question; what can a Millar at this price offer me that a Millar at £500 can't? The answer is simple; premium woods and the magic touch. Millar customs are made using high grade woods and this year we have sampled ukuleles made of mango, Taiwanese cypress and now some stunning Englemann spruce and high grade Hawaiian koa.

This long neck soprano ukulele is direct sounding but also complex and has hidden depths to its sound that you only discover after you have time to sit with it for a while. The longer concert scale length on a soprano body is a long loved combination as it offers up a traditional ukulele sound but with more accurate intonation and more notes and space across the fretboard.

The koa on this ukulele is very sweet on the ear with a harp like quality to it and the tight straight grained spruce top is the fantastic sounding board to project those subtle harmonics and undertones. The spruce top is a fantastic option for a fingerstyle player that wants to be heard or play complex pieces but prefers the company of smaller ukuleles.

Solid Englemann spruce top
Solid AA Hawaiian koa back and sides
Mahogany neck
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Koa bound fingerboard
Abalone fret markers
Figured koa headplate with Millar custom inlay
Gotoh planetary tuners
35mm nut width
28mm string spacing at nut
Slot bridge design
Abalone soundhole rosette
Koa binding and 3 ply abs plastic binding
15'' concert scale length on soprano body
Strung out of the factory low G GCEA Worth CM-LG
Supplied in TGI tweed hard case

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