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Millar CD-260W Solid Red Cedar & Bolivian Rosewood Tenor Ukulele w/Slotted Headstock #2

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The CD-260W tenor ukulele is the latest in a seemingly endless line of breath-taking Millar ukuleles! This particular beauty has a beautifully figured dark red cedar top and some lovely straight grain rosewood back and sides.

Cedar and rosewood are basically the Justice League of wood pairings, they go together like peas and carrots, the cedar has a clear sound with depth, personality and warmth and the back and sides offer projection and crispness. If you are a finger picker, the spruce and cedar top Millars would compete convincingly against more well known brands that are considerably more money.

If you a strummer, its loud enough that you can tickle the strings and still hear the subtle nuances of each note... I mean it, I want one... If you won't buy it will you buy it for me? I promise to be good!

The binding is a sandwich of maple/rosewood accompanied by figured maple and is heavily inspired by early Nunes ukuleles of the late 1800s. The slotted headstock looks great and extremely regal without making the instrument overly top heavy and the tuners Millar use are excellent.

Finally, the fingerboard is Indian rosewood like they made 'em in the good old days and the nut width is 35mm - the neck starts off slim but feels more and more Hawaiian as you move up the neck.

The instrument pictured is the actual instrument you will receive. This particular one has two interesting knots in the wood under the finish on the neck that you might want to know about before ordering... Neither of them hinder the playability of the instrument but they kind of resemble freckles and might not be to everyones taste.

Solid red cedar top
Solid Bolivian rosewood (Pau Ferro) back and sides
Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge
Worth Brown strings (high G)
35mm nut width
Maple/ Indian rosewood 'Nunes' binding and rosette
Maple outer binding
Slotted headstock
Geared tuners

You may have noticed we rave about the Millar Ukuleles in our video because they offer something that really exceeds the playability and sound you would normally expect at this price. However, each one is made by an extremely small production team in Taiwan and small cosmetic imperfections around the body are almost inevitable. We always make sure to list the big ones but smaller ones or polishing marks in high gloss finish are an unavoidable side effect of getting something so special in other ways at this price.

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