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Meinl FX10 Pedal - Percussion Kit Digital Effects Foot Pedal

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Now admit it, I can't be the only musician to have wanted to be a drummer at some point? I bet I am also not the only one that has tried a stompbox and wished it sounded a little more like a Bass Drum?

Luckily for us frustrated drummers out there - Meinl have come out with the 'FX Pedal'. This is a whole percussion kit in a box. Power Supply Included

Ten Excellent Samples:

0 - Kick Bass
1 - Cyber Kick
2 - Tribal Bass
3 - Straight Tambourine
4 - Double Tambourine
5 - Clave
6 - Hand Clap
7 - Dry Cowbell
8 - Straight Cabasa
9 - Double Cabasa

This pedal is a great tool for any bands with a percussionist or a solo artist that wants a more polished sound than a stomp box.

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