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Maton TEN-E Solid Blackwood Electro Tenor Ukulele in hard case

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This instrument has the distinction of having the nicest smelling soundhole I have come across! When you first pick it up you can tell it has been made properly because of the weight of it, really light and beautifully balanced - which means that there is nothing unnecessary that can soak up vibrations which might otherwise be turned to sound. A common feature of all of the best ukuleles is that they are super light, and very rigid - and this is certainly that. The sound has a beautiful harp like chime to it, like most Acacia or Koa instruments, but the impressive thing about this uke is the dynamic range; it is so sensitive that really quiet tickling can be heard quite clearly, and in the very next breath extravagant strumming sounds huge, filling the room with very, very pleasant sound.

The Blackwood (which is an Australian member of the Acacia family) is very close tonally to Koa, in that it is bright sounding with a prominent mid range. The Cedar model has a bit more to the bass end of the register.

I'm a big fan of this ukulele - at the price, with a decent pickup fitted and a world class hard case, it is seriously good value and worthy of consideration alongside ukes of a similar price such as the Opios and Ponos.

Top, Back and Sides: Solid Blackwood (Acacia family)
Neck Material: Queensland Maple
Fingerboard & Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Number of Frets: 19
Scale Length: 431.8mm (17”)
Nut Width: 35mm
14th Fret: Width 45.2mm
Fingerboard Inlays: 4mm Pearl Dots
Finish: Natural Satin
Machine Heads: Gotoh UK700 1:15
End Pin/Strap: Chrome
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Case: Plush Line Hardcase
Pickup: B-Band U1.3T
Strings: Aquila
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