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Magic Fluke Velcro/Quick Release Deluxe Ukulele Strap - Blue/Green/Purple Tie-Dye

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We're so excited about teaming up with Magic Fluke to be able to bring you their incredible range of ukulele straps. Owners of Flea and Fluke ukuleles have been asking us for these specialised straps for years, so it's with great pleasure we can now offer them in our shop.

With these straps you get a quick release option at the headstock and a secure velcro strip to use on the body of your instrument. The adhesive works perfectly on the ABS material of a Magic Fluke ukulele. It can be used with other instruments, but the finish may vary the effectiveness of the adhesive. We only recommend for use on Magic Fluke instruments.

Measurement: 70cm to 129cm.

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