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Magic Fluke Ukulele Banjo Strap - Red Nylon

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Magic Fluke have answered the prayers of banjo ukulele players everywhere with their new range of straps. This red nylon banjo uke strap is comfortable, long lasting and looks great.

This range of straps has been designed to suit the tenor M70M model allowing the player to attach a suitably sized strap to the tone ring of the instrument. The release clips mean you can easily detach the strap without having to clumsily unfasten a knot on the instrument.

These straps will work with any banjo ukulele that has visible lugs or somewhere to tie the string at each end around... If you are unsure if your banjo is compatible then get in touch with one of the team before ordering.

Minimum adjustment length: 65cm
Maximum adjustment length: 118cm

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