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Lizard Spit VIP (Vintage Instrument Polish) 4oz - what we use in the shop

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Lizard Spit VIP is a fantastic ukulele polish that we're happy to recommend. Many of you have asked over the years about the cleaning products we use in store to get the best out of an instrument before sending it to its forever home... In recent years; Lizard Spit have emerged as a frontrunner producing several cleaning products that we use all day every day.

The VIP (Vintage Instrument Polish) is as essential to us as a string winder. It's a carnauba based cleaner, designed to clean and protect older finishes. If your ukulele has naturally aged over many years, features a traditional lacquer finish (Eastman, Kamaka etc.) this is a great choice of cleaner for you.

We have tried so many different cleaners over the years and this is the first to safely remove years of residue (ancient fingerprints, the slightly difficult grime that collects in the corners) and adds its own protection going forward with natural compounds.

The best bit about this 4oz bottle is that it lasts ages... We are using this stuff on multiple workbenches 5 days a week and it takes us months to go through a bottle.

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