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Kiwaya KTT-2S Solid Mahogany Tenor Slotted Headstock Made in Japan

£1,080.00 £900.00
Before writing this listing I sat for a few minutes playing this Ukulele in the hope I could find the right words and I got carried away.. This Ukulele is completely different to the other Tenor options available around the same price. Many players with a budget of 1000GBP or more will be looking almost exclusively at Koa and more often than not the only high end mahogany Ukulele that might pique your interest is the Martin 'IZ' Ukulele which will set you back a substantial amount more money.

Don't discount Mahogany and don't discount Kiwaya especially as they have become known in the industry for making new instruments that compete with even the most distinguished vintage Martin. 

This is our first experience with Mahogany Kiwaya Tenors and my positive feelings about this Ukulele only grow the longer I play it. The Mahogany has such a mature sound for a new instrument it really is staggering. If you play in an ensemble then its mellow nature might be a problem but in a quiet room alone with your thoughts armed with a pensive song or perhaps in front of a Microphone. then the beautifully introverted and complex sound of this Tenor may be the one for you. Much like with their Soprano and Concert models; Kiwaya have made playing the Tenor Ukulele romantic again. 

Tenor Ukulele
All Solid Mahogany body
Mahogany neck
Rosewood fretboard and bridge
Slotted Headstock
Gotoh Machineheads
14 Frets to the neck
Matte Finish
Pod case included
Tenor Uke Accessories

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