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Kanile'a Ilikai-T Solid Flamed Maple Tenor Ukulele #28176

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25 years ago, when Joe Souza sat in his workshop building the earliest incarnation of a Kanile'a Ukulele; I doubt he could truly predict what amazing forward strides his baby would take in the years to come. The Ilikai-T tenor ukulele is a thrilling innovation from Kanile'a

Kanile'a have quietly (and loudly) innovated the ukulele time and time again, more often than not becoming trend setters and even influencing the guitar world. Whether its the lightweight tru-relief bracing, ultra slim line weight reliefed slotted headstocks and now even TRU-reduction body contouring and shaping on the top shelf production models... the influence Kanile'a have on what we play and what coming generations will play is too overwhelming to adequately put across in a paragraph. 

In 2024, Kanile'a will offer a production model made of a different wood to Hawaiian koa for the first time. The Ilikai model is one of two new gorgeous stained flamed maple tenors. The Ilikai meaning 'horizon' in Hawaiian. The gorgeous multi layered colour stain on this ukulele is an almost pastel toned stone washed effect showing the quilting in the wood below perfectly. As you have probably guessed, the light wash between the different colours makes for a beautiful sunset image playing into the Horizon theme of the Ilikai name.

The choice of maple as well is interesting given that it has a more complex tone than Hawaiian koa. Hawaiian koa is the perfect tonewood for a ukulele given it has a harp like sound and natural compression when you play hard. Maple sounds less dreamy and with more sparkle and shimmer when you play complex fingerstyle pieces. The lower mid frequencies (those dark and sexy notes you get from the low G and C string) have a wooly, almost throaty sound making for a completely different sound to a traditional Hawaiian ukulele. This sound is much more nuanced but still has bags of volume, sustain and most importantly that unmistakable Kanile'a Ukulele feel. 

The stained teal polar markers are something Kanile'a began playing with way back in 2020. We were delighted to be guinea pigs for this with our popular limited Manako series ukes. We worked on these with Joes eldest son Kaimana who has a real eye for detail and artistic flair and these early special run instruments helped set the tone in many ways as Kanile'a developed the custom shop during COVID.

Speaking of which, what has changed at Kanile'a and brought about these new models? 

For one, Kahiau Souza (youngest son of Joe Souza) joined the team and worked with his Father on several of the recent Platinum models and the company’s newest custom shop endeavours. Kahiau began building one off custom pieces for Kanile'a's Gallery stores in Hawaii. The sunset finish and the use of Maple is a common trend in the Kanile'a custom shop and the newest models are the natural evolution of this as Kahiau and Kaimana work more closely together on the creation of these models. 

The ukulele is evolving - companies like Flight, aNueNue and Kanile'a have been working to move the ukulele into its next chapter. The use of maple on top end ukuleles is not new and as a fan of Kanile'a myself now for over 16 years; I really feel like the company is switching up to a new gear with the Ilikai.

Listing shows actual Ukulele you will receive. This very Ukulele featured in the Summer edition of Uke Magazine on the cover and with a multi page feature and favourable review. Not a bad little bit of provenance.

High grade flamed maple top, back and sides
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Coloured poplar position markers and 
Ebony rosette and front binding
Black TUSQ nut and saddle
Ebony bridge pins
TRU-R bracing
Khaya mahogany neck
38mm nut width with 30mm string spacing at nut
Side sound port
Kanile'a geared tuners with black buttons
Kanile'a Fluorocarbon strings with wound low G
Kanile'a deluxe gigbag included

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