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Kala KA-GTR Tenor Guitar Solid Spruce Top

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Have you ever fancied developing your ukulele skills and applying them to something different that doesn't begin with gee and end with tar?

The Kala Tenor Guitar is a modern and unique twist on the traditional iconic instrument from the turn of the twentieth century. Originally Tenor Guitars were used by performing Tenor Banjo players as a surrogate instrument when the Guitars popularity began to really overshadow the Banjo. The Tenor Guitar is tuned C-G-D-A (Fifths) which means that the instrument is tuned much more like a Tenor Banjo than a Guitar. However, this ukulele can be retuned into DGBE Baritone tuning and will sound very nice.

But I play Ukulele, why would this appeal to me?

Well the Kala Tenor Guitar retains many of the characteristics that make people fall in love with the ukulele. A sweet, charming and melodic sound that is the perfect accompaniment to a singer but with a confidence that only comes with the use of steel strings.

This instrument features a Solid Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides. It has a very classy slotted headstock and feels unmistakebly like a Baritone Ukulele. This is definitely an instrument on the rise and a favourite amongst the US/Hawaiian contingent of Ukulele players.

Kala Tenor Guitar
Tuned C-G-D-A (fifths) or D-G-B-E Baritone ukulele tuning
Solid Spruce Top
Rosewood Back and Sides
Ivoroid Bindings
Rosewood Fingerboard
Slotted Headstock

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