Kala Elite - California Custom Espresso Stained Swamp Ash U-Bass Fretted Ukulele Bass #27921219

Kala Elite - California Custom Espresso Stained Swamp Ash U-Bass Fretted Ukulele Bass #27921219
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Kala's Californian UBass ukuleles are unparalleled at the high end of small scale bass. As a Kala ukulele dealer of more than 10 years we have had nothing but good experiences with the original Ubass and the dozens of incarnations that have seen the light of day over the years.

Regardless of your budget; Kala have you covered with a ukulele bass option to round out the low end in your ensemble to just to give you a bit more of those warmer low notes when you are sat on the sofa playing your favourite songs...

If you love the bass like we do (4 out of 6 members of staff here at SUS started as bass players) then what high end option is the toppermost of the poppermost? Well, it would have to be a Californian bass ukulele. No doubt for many it would be this dark espresso brown stained swamp ash 4 string custom from Kala's USA Petaluma factory.

Based loosely on the popular Bakithi Kumalo signature model; this Ukulele has the same stained swamp ash body, pickguard and pickup layout as the Bakithi bass but features a maple fretted neck and fingerboard and comes with Kala's traditional Pahoehoe strings. It is divine, it looks as good and deep and as rich as it sounds and the custom LR Baggs bass system Kala use on these instruments makes this bass as versatile as anything else you will ever try.

Swamp ash body UV cured satin finish with espresso brown stain
LR Baggs custom electronics designed for Kala's USA basses
Custom Hipshot ultralite tuners
Road toad Pahoehoe strings (instrument can be strung with roundwounds or other strings)
Richlite bridge
Maple neck with maple fingerboard
21 inch scale length
24 fret
Nut width 1.8 inches
Comes in Kala Elite padded gigbag

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