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Kala AMP-TWD Portable Buskers Amplifier for Ukulele Tweed

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This newly redesigned little portable ukulele amp from Kala sounds and looks the part! It takes 2 x 9 volt battery, which gives it a battery life of at least 4 hours of heavy usage, nearer 8 at moderate volume, but it can also be driven by mains power via an adaptor which is included.

For the odd busk, pub jam or late night living room sing song this amp would be perfect. Nice and lightweight with a good build quality, it will stand up to the occasional bit of punishment. Definitely an improvement on the original design. It looks cool and retro with its tweed overcoat.

1/8" Aux in: For external audio input (MP3 player, phone, etc.)
1/8" output for headphones
1/4" instrument input
5 Watt output
5" speaker (8 ohms)
Dimensions: 22cm x 11cm x 17cm
Batteries: 9 volt (x2)

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