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HK Lucas Nano 608i Portable PA System 460 Watts

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This is the tool that a performing musician has been waiting for. A portable PA from HK that you can comfortably use to perform at smaller pub/hotels, functions and restaurants. It weighs only 16kg, features 460 watts of power split between two adaptable satelite speakers and a powered sub.

HK describe the many features best but if you would like to see what this PA can do in the flesh, Alex and Kevin can take you through step by step. Please do book an appointment on 01202 430820.

HK Audio’s LUCAS NANO 608i is the first all-in-one PA to feature an onboard iPad-enabled mixer. With eight channels, impressive reverb programs, intuitive EQ and compressor functions, and convenient Bluetooth streaming, this new top-liner among end-to-end systems makes professional wireless mixing easier than ever. Remarkably compact and ultra-light at just 16.3kg, this handy PA also delivers the extraordinary audio power you would expect from the LUCAS NANO 600.

The first ever compact PA to feature an integrated wireless iPad-enabled mixer
Free app for iPad: LUCAS NANO REMOTE
Eight-channel digital mixer with professional features
Simple handling; assembles in seconds
Bluetooth: audio streaming and wireless connection to the app for iPad
Flexible: can be used as a mono PA, a 2.1 setup or in Twin Stereo
Two satellites with 4.5' broadband woofer and 1' tweeter
10' subwoofer
Low-resonance bass enclosure featuring “Anti-Resonance Bracing”
130dB max. SPL
Multicell Transformer technology
460-watt power amp
Transport bay for the satellites located in the subwoofer
Signal-carrying distance pole (available separately)
Just 16.3kg

LUCAS NANO 608i, the world’s first all-in-one PA, comes with an integrated eight-channel digital mixer that is iPad-enabled for ultra-convenient wireless access. Professional-grade EQs, compressors, and reverb effects serve as powerful sound-shaping tools with an intuitive Easy Mode option for newcomers to the mixing game. All settings can be saved as presets. On top of that, all key functions are always accessible via the analog knobs on the LUCAS NANO 608i subwoofer – so you’re ready for any contingency.


HK Audio’s acoustical engineers’ research sure paid off: these ultra-compact speakers pack amazing sonic power. Featuring the groundbreaking Multicell Transformer, the tweeters’ crystal-clear response delivers enough superior top end to cover even large rooms. Remarkably light, the subwoofer comes in an enclosure featuring Anti-Resonance Bracing tuned to deliver rich, thick low-end response. And all those glorious signals come at sound pressure levels up to 130dB!


A fully-fledged PA system with a mixer, power amps, subwoofers and satellites that needs just one cable? That’s not a dream; it’s LUCAS NANO 608i! Just a single lead and yet it’s one of the most flexible all-in-one solutions that you can configure as a slim mono column, a classic stereo setup – or just add another LUCAS NANO 608i to extend it into an impressive twin stereo system. And all this comes at the sensationally low weight of 16.3kg and in an ingeniously portable chassis designed to be carried in just one hand.

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