Hipshot 6GN0 Open Back BLACK Deluxe Ukulele Tuners set of 4 w/Tulip Button

Hipshot 6GN0 Open Back BLACK Deluxe Ukulele Tuners set of 4 w/Tulip Button
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Our favourite geared tuner here at SUS. After falling in love with them on a KoAloha custom Ukulele recently we searched tirelessly for a dealer selling them that we could recommend. When we realised nobody was currently stocking these anywhere for Ukulele we decided they were a must for SUS. This set of 4 tuners turn like butter and that open gear design and sleek look are just a must for builders of high end instruments looking for a flourish or a player looking for a change, the Hipshot Open Tuning machinehead's are simultaneously vintage and modern.

In an effort to keep the cost of the machineheads down we opted to buy them without fancy packaging. They will come in a sealed bag with the screws masking taped togethers... This is a slightly crude way of packaging them but enables us to dramatically decrease the overall cost per set.

Smooth Tulip button
18:1 tuning ratio for super fine adjustment
Compatible with 25/64" (10mm) head stock holes
2 treble and 2 bass (When facing your uke from the front, bass side tuners are on the left, treble side tuners are on the right of the head stock)
comes with screws

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