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Heil Sound HM Pro Plus Handheld Microphone

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The Heil Handi Mic Pro Plus microphone is just 4 inches tall and has a sleek matte black finish. The smaller footprint makes it perfect for transport in those tight spaces like a Ukulele gigbag and it can be used for anything from vocals to musical instruments. It is even a highly rated drum kit mic due to its impressive durability and state of the art technology. As seen in one of our display pictures - this Microphone is much smaller than a standard handheld dynamic microphone but every bit as tough.

The Handi Mic Pro Plus has a frequency range that is perfect for the human voice, plus, it’s designed with an open rubber shock mount that eliminates hollow sounds. Most vocal mics available are developed using 50+ year old technology but the Handi Mic builds on that in so many ways. 

With the Handi Mic Pro Plus you get a black acoustical wind screen, a mic stand clip.

Assembled by those who care in Faireview Heights, Illinois, USA.

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