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Headway Snake 3 Ukulele Pickup with Class A preamp

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The Snake 3 is Headway's high-performance active, under-saddle ukulele pickup offering uncannily natural sound and quality.

Headway's revolutionary system utilises a tiny but robust micro pre-amp which appeals to musicians requiring a true amplified acoustic sound with the minimum possible modification to their instrument.

The Snake is easier to fit where internal body access is difficult and, like the high-end pick-ups, 'The Snake' has a class 'A' section pre-amp, pro-audio IC chip and is EQ'd specifically for the ukulele.

Full balanced sound and natural tone
Class "A" operation
Micro pre-amp
All round sensing flexible transducer picks up more, and rejects feedback
Versatile low impedance output
Protected against moisture, vibration, hum and RF; also offers reduced body noise
Extended battery life from single PP3 battery
Quality, all discrete components
Individually tested
Leather/Velcro battery bag

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