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Gotoh UPTL-UBB Long Shaft Chrome/Black Button Planetary Ukulele Tuners

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When you invest in a top quality uke you also need to get yourself some decent ukulele machine heads. The better the ukulele, the more important the friction/geared machine heads become in relation to the instrument's weight, sound, sustain and ability to stay in tune.

Gotoh's UPT planetary ukulele machine heads were designed by Yusuke Kawakami to blend classic looks with modern functionality. You might have seen them used on aNueNues, Blackbirds, and Martins. In short, these uke machine heads look like friction tuners but are actually geared tuners.

The Gotoh Planetary tuners have 1:4 gear ratio and share a lot more functional similarities with geared tuners meaning they will rarely need tightening. 

These uke machine heads need a hole 9.7-10mm diameter to fit and vintage ukuleles will often require minor work to make these tuners fit. They are designed for headstocks 11.5 - 13.5mm thick. For thinner headstocks, use the Gotoh UPT standard shaft tuners.

Please measure your instrument carefully before ordering. If you have any questions, please get in touch

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