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Gotoh EP-A1 Master Relic Collection Aged Nickel 12.5mm Strap Buttons 2 pack with screws, fit yourself

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We are always getting asked for high end ukulele strap buttons with a smaller footprint to fit smaller ukuleles or heel joints with less room. The problem has always been the quality of the screws supplied with these smaller strap buttons. Historically, these screws have been very unreliable and the heads have sheared off during fitting. Thankfully, Gotoh have solved this problem for us!

It doesn't really get any better than Gotoh who produce parts for just about everyone. They've made a name for themselves in the ukulele world for their incredible Planetary tuners and now they've turned their magic on strap buttons. The master relic collection strap buttons come in a lightly aged nickel (dull silver) colour and have a slightly smaller width at 12.5mm than our popular D'Addario strap button. Two very sturdy screws supplied for easy fitting!

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