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GHS Artist Curated Series - Craig Chee - CU-STR High G Tenor Strings

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In 2015, Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel visited our store and in addition to giving us an unforgettable live performance and workshop, they also introduced us to several signature sets of strings produced for them by US string company GHS.

The CU-STR are Craig Chee's signature re-entrant high G tenor ukulele strings. Rich in tone and ready for any style, you may like these strings if you are a fan of the Martin M620 tenors or D'Addario pro arte strings.

String gauges:
1A - .028 (titanium nylon)
2E - .033 (titanium nylon)
3C - .040 (titanium nylon)
4G - .028 (titanium nylon)

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