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Flight Voyager Solid Spruce and Acacia ACTIVE Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele w/Gigbag

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If you are upset the Carabao is out of stock right now. You can't really do better looking for an alternative than the model we based it on. The Flight Voyager is similar to the Carabao but features Acacia back and sides which gives it a slightly earthier bass response but otherwise an equally lovely playing experience and tone.

The Flight Voyager ukulele deserves the heaps of praise it has received from reviewers and social media influencers this past year... This tenor was cleverly designed incorporating many players 'must haves' and 'wants' to create a ukulele with bundles of potential and an undeniable charm to it.

This solid spruce and acacia beauty has literally everything you can think of going for it. The spruce gives it the projection and tonal dynamic tenor ukulele players and performers crave whilst the acacia they use is gorgeous, it sounds mellow and sweet but still has enough volume to work well in an ensemble.

The gloss finish manages to add a lot to the overall look of the instrument whilst also doing a great job of tightening up the overall sound. You can get lovely short snappy notes out of the ukulele but also get a nice almost harp like chord sound when you strum.

It's a really tough decision for me to decide whether the Phantom or Voyager model is my favourite. I would definitely be hard pressed between this Flight model and the Snail SR-04TE at the same kind of price... If you want a deluxe ukulele with solid woods and a pickup under £500 then this ukulele would make the top of anyone's list.

The front and back black binding looks great and the very modern looking sleek slotted headstock does nothing to detract away attention from the lovely wood they put on the body. This ukulele is also one of the rare tenors out there at this price to feature a slightly wider 38mm nut width with a string through bridge. This can be complicated to restring but creates the most true connection between the strings and the body of the ukulele.

This is the newer version of the Voyager which is fitted with the active Double brand pickup, with tone and volume controls mounted in the soundhole.

Please get in touch to see pictures of current stock as the photographs in the listing show a typical example.

Solid spruce top
Solid acacia back and sides
African mahogany neck
Composite Ebony bridge
Indian Rosewood fretboard
Bone nut and saddle
Black geared tuners
38mm nut width
String Spacing G to A: 30mm
Ebony bevelled armrest
Unique slotted headstock
Double brand active powered pickup, with soundhole mounted tone and volume controls
Clear fluorocarbon High G strings
Padded gigbag

Note: The Flight Ukuleles are a fantastic choice at this particular price point because they often offer extra features and striking wood that defy the expectations of this price. However, they do suffer from cosmetic flaws and small finish defects like other Chinese made production instruments. We do our best to capture major issues but you may find some small imperfections on close inspection that cannot be avoided.

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