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Flight Mini Bass Ukulele (TBL) Solid Body Electric Bass

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The Flight mini bass has been in development for well over a year... We had to keep it a secret but when you have a shop populated with 5 bass players, it is an understatement to say we were a bit excited for these.

Carrying on with the natural progression of Flight's rock series Pathfinder ukuleles, this transparent blue mini bass (it feels slightly wrong to say its a bass ukulele) is a scaled down bass guitar, kind of a soprano-bass.

The tuning is the same as a standard bass guitar or ukulele bass in EADG and it utilises traditional roundwound bass strings for a short scale. The aesthetic on this is a real treat - a quilted maple top, very modern Warwick bass-esque body with a roasted maple and neck.

The fingerboard is rosewood and the bass pickups are alnico 5 P-style pickups, just like you'd expect on a full size electric bass. The tone reflects this as well and although it is naturally a bit brighter than a full scale bass it has a lot of grunt and confidence when you play it. It is a bass truly adaptable to any style as far as we can tell.

The scale length is a traditional 510mm, somehow just a hair short of the average baritone uke and it comes in a fitted blue padded gigbag. The nut is a dyed bone nut and the hardware is a good quality metal bridge with independent saddles - the factory set up on these has been mixed so each one takes us quite a bit of time to get right and settle. As a result, please allow an extra day ahead of dispatch for us to work our magic on them.

Body shape: Mini bass
Top: Quilted maple
Body: Solid Mahogany
Bridge: Hardtail fixed bridge
String size: .045-.105
Neck: Roasted maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Nut: Bone
Nut width: 40mm
Pickups: Two alnico 5 P-Style pickups in a staggered formation
chrome volume and tone knobs
Deluxe 15mm padded gig bag included.

Listing shows a typical example  and they don't vary much in appearance. We did find the very occasional typical tiny cosmetic niggles as to be expected when you are getting a premium cosmetic finish on a more affordable instrument. For context, the most similar instrument out there to these are the Tinyboy basses which are twice the price and very similar in design.

If you are ever looking to replace the strings on one of these Basses, they take any standard medium/long gauge 45-105 roundwound bass guitar sets. You will have to cut the ends down slightly. Please note that any string heavier than a 105 will not fit in the hole on the machinehead.

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