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Ex Demo Seagull M4 Solid Spruce Top Merlin Dulcimer "Dulcitar"

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This beautiful little Dulcimer is great fun to play, and actually very easy as well! Tuned D-A-DD with a double course of high D strings, the frets allow the player to play a Diatonic scale in the key of D with a flattened 7th in the scale as well. The theory goes that it is hard to make a discordant sound with a Dulcimer like you can with a chromatically fretted instrument, but I am sure that if you try hard enough you could!

Strummed or picked this instrument gives you a great big smile on your face!
We've got one left, ex Demo condition with small cosmetic marks, will need new strings, reduced to clear, so grab a bargain.


Nut Width : 1.280"
Top: Solid Spruce
Body : Rock maple, string-through body. 
Neck : Rock maple, drive-through neck design.
Bridge : Tusq® by Graphtech.
Saddle : Compensated Tusq® by Graphtech 
Finish : Satin oil finish
Strings: 12 gauge acoustic guitar string x 2 for the top D's, 16 gauge for the A, 24 gauge for the bottom D. Use slightly heavier strings if you want to tune down to C instead of D.

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