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Enya EUT-MAD NAT Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/Gigbag - wide nut

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The EUT-MAD tenor ukulele is another unique instrument from Enya. We couldn't resist bringing the MAD series ukes to SUS... This all solid mahogany ukulele has a lovely high gloss finish, but Enya manage to do that rare thing of looking quirky but still sounding nice and traditional.

The solid mahogany is nicely figured and and the high gloss finish really makes the grain pop. The sound is nice and rounded, slightly introverted but warm and smoky - traditional as mentioned above. It also has a slotted headstock which gives it a bit more tension and the attack is slightly more confident.

Why would you choose this instrument over similarly priced Kala/Snail/Ohana models? Well, the neck is quite forgiving with a slight radius to the fingerboard. If you struggle with barre chords and haven't found an affordable radiused neck ukulele before then you will understand just how unusual a find this model is.

Pictures show an average example as of 2023. 

Solid Mahogany top, back and sides
High gloss finish
Nubone nut and saddle
Richlite fingerboard - slight radius
38mm nut width with 30mm G to A string spacing
Black classic open back tuners
Fluorocarbon high G strings
Comes with a gigbag

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