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D'Addario EJ65S Soprano Pro Arte Custom Extruded Strings Great for ADF#B Tuning

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D'Addario EJ65S is an all-nylon set designed for use with soprano ukuleles. Each string is manufactured on D’Addario’s own advanced mono-filament extrusion line built exclusively for the production of musical instrument strings. This set is optimized for usage with traditional ADF#B tuning.

Optimized for soprano ukuleles tuned to traditional ADF#B tuning
Pro-Arté custom extruded nylon for highly accurate, laser sorted treble strings
D'Addario's most popular ukulele set known for warm and long lasting tone
Soprano ukulele, pro-arté custom extruded clear nylon, non-ball end
String gauges: Nylon .024, .032, .034, .028
Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance

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