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KoAloha KTM-00MG Solid Hawaiian Mango Tenor Ukulele in hard case #03

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Bubbly, luscious, playful and full of lustre are all words that describe what one can expect from a KoAloha tenor ukulele. Many players have longed for a KoAloha that can do this in a more quietly expressive manner. So, off the back of the popularity of the Naupaka mango/koa range KoAloha have addressed players desire for something a little bit smoother sounding in 2022.

KoAloha tenors are renowned worldwide for pairing a volume, clarity, depth and crispness to their sound that rivals any of the other Hawaiian ukuleles and this ukulele is no different. Equally, these Mango models can offer something less boisterous and a little bit more reserved for the home player or the pensive fingerpicker. This model also feature an abalone KoAloha headstock logo, ebony fingerboard and bridge and a more refined high gloss finish which offers as much aural improvement as it enhances the visuals.

This is possibly the best Low G production Tenor uke available today. The bass register is just so full and rich sounding, but not muddy or ill-defined. Something about the clever way these are made with thei unit bracing system, and the lovely Mango tonal response just clicks. It will take a high G if you prefer, but honestly, that Low G!

This stunner is finished with a high gloss finish on an open pore body. No grain filler is used, which helps massively to make this amazing tenor ukulele sound quite as magnificent as it does, but it can mean that some small pits. runs and marks in the finish are inevitable. Under very close scrutiny, you can sometimes see the circular marks made by the buffing process.

The KTM-00MG is unarguably proof that the Hawaiian sound is much more than just Koa and we are sure it will long hold a place in ukulele enthusiasts hearts.

Pictures show actual instrument you will receive.


All solid Hawaiian Mango top, back and sides
CNC shaped Mahogany neck
Ebony fretboard and bridge
TUSQ(tm) nut and saddle
KoAloha 5-pointed crown headstock
Fretboard inlay dots made of abalone
KoAloha's patented "Musubi" soundhole
High gloss finish
New KoAloha abalone headstock
37mm nut width with 27mm string spacing at nut
436mm scale length
Clear fluorocarbon Low G strings
KoAloha woodshell hard case included

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