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Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmoniser Effects Pedal

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If you’re a singing Uke player/guitarist or a solo vocalist, the VE-2 makes it easy to achieve polished vocal sounds with rich harmonies everywhere you perform. Compact and affordable, the VE-2 features automatic harmonies that can be controlled by a guitar input and/or manual settings, plus effects, automatic pitch correction, and more. It also has USB connectivity for recording processed vocal sounds in computer software, great for both song production applications and capturing studio-quality sounds for YouTube videos.

Instant Access to Impressive Vocal Harmonies
Even if you have no experience with music theory or gear, you can get impressive sounds immediately with the VE-2. When you connect your guitar, Auto Harmonist mode detects the chords you play in real time, automatically generating the correct harmony as you sing. If you’re a solo vocalist, you can set the key manually, or just have the guitarist in your band plug in. Hybrid mode follows both guitar input and the manual key setting, perfect for spots where the guitar part drops out or alternates between rhythm and lead playing during vocal passages.

12 different harmony types are available in the VE-2, and each adds one or two voices above and/or below your own voice. Each harmony type also has a variation setting that adds more voices for even richer harmonies, providing a total of 24 different sounds to choose from to suit any musical style.

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