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Baton Rouge V2-G Sun Guitalele Mahogany tuned ADGCEA

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We have nothing but good things to say about the Baton Rouge sun baritone scale guitalele. Some laser etched instruments are a bit of a triumph over substance. Take as fairly ordinary ukulele, put a pretty picture on it and charge 30% more for it. Not in this case! The warmth of the tone and playability is extremely impressive with this model, and it looks nice too.

The laminate mahogany makes a very sweet sound, but it is also quite loud and capable of great expressive range. No doubt this is down to the quality materials used - NuBone nut and saddle and Aquila strings principal among them - and the build quality, which is equally impressive.

This is the guitalele member of the Baton Rouge sun series, tuned A-D-G-C-E-A, which means you can play it as a guitar tuned up a 4th, or you can ignore the bottom two strings and just use the top four which gives you G-C-E-A. As a travel guitar it is hard to beat, or for a ukulele ensemble where you want to add a bit of melodic bass or fill the chords out a little it is a very good choice.

Laminate mahogany body
Rosewood fingerboard
Baritone scale length
Nubone saddle and nut
Aquila strings tuned A to A
Open pore matt finish
Laser etched sun design
Open back machine heads in chrome with black buttons

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