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Aquila Sugar Clear Tenor GCEA Low G Ukulele Strings 155U

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You get fantastic sound projection that's clean and prompt from these stunning Aquila sugar tenor ukulele strings. The low G Aquila strings are a stunning combination of the best characteristics from nylon and fluorocarbon strings.

Aquila sugar strings have excellent sustain, vibrato and a significant timbre variation. And, while the surface is extremely smooth, the grip you feel on your fingers is remarkable.

Sugar ukulele strings are a blend, made with a recently discovered plastic material derived from sugarcane. The material is very clear and transparent similar to a crystal-glass. The 155U set contains 3 sugarcane trebles with a wound low G in GCEA tuning.

The team here at the Southern Ukulele Store has the absolute pleasure of testing these game changing Aquila strings while they were in development. We knew we had to have them in store when they were ready.

So, don't wait to try them for yourself. Your tenor ukulele will thank you for placing your order online today.

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