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Aquila Sugar Clear Soprano GCEA High G Ukulele Strings 150U

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Aquila sugar ukulele strings are utterly fantastic. We had the pleasure of testing them while they were in the development stage, and we knew we needed to share them with you just as soon as we could.

This set of four (GCEA) high G soprano strings are a perfect combination of the very best parts of both nylon and fluorocarbon strings. You get an extremely sweet sound, that's prompt and as clear as the strings themselves.

These soprano uke strings have an excellent vibrato and a significant timbre variation when playing very close to the bridge and then up on the sound hole. You also get in incredible sustain and sound projection that's superior to fluorocarbon.

Aquila strings are very clear, with a transparency similar to a crystal glass. The surface is extremely smooth, yet you'll be amazed with the grip on your fingers. Aquila's new blend made from a plastic material derived from sugarcane is a real game changer. Try them for yourself today.

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