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Aquila Short Bass One Basic 12 FRETLESS Electro Acoustic Bass w/gigbag

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A lot more ukulele basses are now popping up on the market from many different manufacturers. Most are very similar in size and scale - but not this one! This lovely new instrument from Aquila is designed to blend in with ukulele ensembles, in terms of the sound as well as the look, and to offer the player an instrument with greater precision of intonation, and also some acoustic volume so that it might be played unplugged.

The acoustic sound, whilst far from ear shatteringly loud, is very pleasant and is easily loud enough to play alongside one lead ukulele acoustically. Plugged in, it sounds beautiful, with a very full, woody sound which has the beating of a lot of other bass ukulele type instruments. Cedar is such a lovely wood to use on the top of a bass instrument like this, it suits it perfectly. Bass players will find the longer scale length much more intuitive, and will not suffer so much from spreading their fingers over the frets like on shorter scale models.

The Aquila red strings are very clever things as well. They feel great under the fingers, owing to two things: they are tauter than other similar strings, so have greater sustain and volume, and are thinner as well, so they intonate better and do not roll as much under the fingers. 

A very capable instrument, very much more versatile than other basses, and less frustrating in many ways! And it comes with a lovely big padded gigbag in black, with good padding and large pockets.

This listing is for the FRETLESS 12 fret version.

60 cm scale length
19 fret markers, 12 frets distance to the body
Twin transducer pickups mounted internally
Solid Cedar Top
Laminate Sapele back and sides
Abalone rosette
Rosewood fretboard and bridge
Mother of pearl logo
Red Series Aquila Short Bass Strings
Endpin Jack socket in Chrome
Free ShortBass gigbag

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