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Aquila Red Nylgut Single Unwound Low G string for Tenor ukulele 72U

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Part of their red series, we have a lot of time for this Aquila low G tenor ukulele string.

Wound low G strings can sometimes unbalance the sound of a set of strings, so Aquila developed a new formula. It mixes their famous nylgut formula with copper powder to produce a string with less winding. The string is unwound but with a textured feel. If you want the wound version of this string you need the 136U string.

These red Aquila strings have a much less bassy and boomy response, balancing your low G setup a little better. Certainly recommended for finger picking styles.

Please note - although these strings have improved greatly, some customers still find these strings are quite brittle and more prone to snapping. Please take extreme caution when fitting them. We recommend warming the strings up with your hand and stretching them in very slowly.

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