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Aquila Red Nylgut GCEA Low G Strings set of 4 for Tenor ukulele 88U

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Aquila has developed a new formula which mixes their famous nylgut formula with copper powder to produce a red coloured set of strings. These red sets have a more mellow sound, and slightly less sustain than the standard strings, making them suitable for fingerpicking styles of playing.

The red series low G string is less boomy than some other wound string that comes with the standard white Aquila low G strings, making for a much better balanced sound. Please note that Aquila have changed these strings several times recently so some sets have a wound low G and others have a thin red silver winding.

This listing is for one set of 4 strings for low G GCEA tuning of a tenor ukulele.

Although these strings have improved greatly, some customers still find these strings are quite brittle and more prone to snapping. Please take extreme caution when fitting them; we recommend warming the strings up with your hand and stretching them in very slowly.

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